Publishing with us

The WJDS invites for contributions from all scientific disciplines engaged connected to digitalization research, such as social, political and computer science, communication studies, economics, education, law, psychology, cultural studies, history, information engineering, and linguistics. We particularly encourage emerging scholars to publish with us. As digitalization is a groundbreaking issue whose effects are felt all around the globe, but often in different ways and from different points of view, we aim to integrate perspectives from all world regions.


Our most common article category are Research Papers. It can encompass a variety of genres and methodologies, ranging from conceptual papers, empirical studies, papers that focus on modeling, to design research. The format Voices for the Networked Society includes short contributions that address controversial topics, encourage debates, and introduce new perspectives. Please find more information in our submission guideline.


We publish 3-4 issues per year. In irregular frequency, there will be special issues focussing on a specific subject matter. We engage for a quick publication turnaround, while at the same time assuring a high-quality review of the submitted papers. Our workflows are designed to publish accepted papers within 6 months after the submission, depending on the duration and the results of the review process. We offer professional proofreading for every accepted paper before publication.

Peer Review

Manuscripts will undergo a double-blind peer review. The editorial team handpicks two reviewers for each manuscript, taking into account the perspectives of the disciplines involved. We ensure the independence of reviewers from authors. All our collaborators – authors, reviewers and editors – are expected to interact with peers from a variety of academic fields, taking into consideration that some academic disciplines have very different publication traditions, amongst other.

Open Access

The WJDS is a Diamond Open Access journal, with content open to anyone to read and reuse. It is free of any publication fees or charges to either author or reader. All contributions are published under a Creative Commons (CC BY 4.0) license. Publication rights remain with the authors, with unlimited use and reuse of articles.

More information on our ethics code can be found here..