Reclaiming (Parts of) Scholarly Communication

Resilient Publishing as a Community-Driven Effort




Publishing, Open Access, Journals, Resilience


Community-driven open-access journals foster the idea of a biblio-diverse publishing ecosystem and challenge the prevalent commercialization of academic publishing. However, despite their importance, their existence is at risk. With little to no budget, they mostly operate on the unpaid labor of their editorial teams and the free support provided by public infrastructures. The first part of this article describes the model, key functions, and governance principles of community-driven open-access journals within the business of global academic publishing. In promoting fair, resilient, and gratis open access, they contribute to the evolution of an inclusive and biblio-diverse intellectual landscape. The article then concerns itself with the challenges that community-driven publishing faces within the system of academia and academic publishing. Emphasizing the need for more funding, engagement strategies, and wider responsibility, I close with some practical suggestions for immediate aid.


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Wrzesinski, M. (2023). Reclaiming (Parts of) Scholarly Communication: Resilient Publishing as a Community-Driven Effort. Weizenbaum Journal of the Digital Society, 3(2).



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