Peace Journalism in the Digital Age

Exploring Opportunities, Impact, and Challenges




Peace journalism, Digitalization, Digital media, Disinformation, Digital storytelling, Virtual training


The advent of modern means of communication opens up a wide range of possibilities for individual users, organizations, and governments to connect. This paper argues that the concept of peace journalism can leverage the potential of digital developments to maintain relevance in current times. Five areas of peace journalism’s possible synchronization with media digitalization are deduced and elaborated from a pragmatic perspective to facilitate conceptual advancement: (1) digital distribution, (2) utility of the potential of two-way communication, (3) exploration of new forms of digital storytelling, (4) curation of various digital sources of conflict actors and fact-checking, and (5) incorporation of virtual training and digital skills into journalism curricula. By addressing these aspects of media digitalization, peace journalism outlets can receive acclaim within modern journalistic circles while also attracting wider audience support.


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Sehl, A., Malik, M. S., Kretzschmar, S., & Neuberger, C. (2023). Peace Journalism in the Digital Age: Exploring Opportunities, Impact, and Challenges. Weizenbaum Journal of the Digital Society, 3(3).