Permeating all areas of human life, digitalisation is a contested process interacting with political structures and participation, economic and legal relationships, education, and everyday life in general, calling for an interdisciplinary research perspective. Collaborative research at the intersection of several disciplines such as ethics, law, economics and political science can provide a deeper understanding of the role of digitalisation and shed light into the intricate net of dependencies surrounding it. Against this background, the overarching goal of this journal is to attract interdisciplinary research that investigates issues surrounding digital technologies from more than one disciplinary perspective, as well as disciplinary research that contributes strongly to questions and consequences of society and digitalisation.

There are three to four issues per year. In irregular frequency, there will be special issues focussing on a specific subject matter each, while still providing a section for general submissions.

For a more expansive description of the journal concept, view our scope and  mission statement.